Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lupe Fiasco: "The Show Goes On" Album listing "Lasers"

Lupe Fiasco, a rising star of American rap today, presents her second single "The Show Goes On" from her new album "lasers". The album "lasers" is announced for March 8, 2011. However, this single has already been submitted to the U.S. A as the first single. For France was the first single "Words I Never Said" is already featured on the radio last February 8.

After Words I Never Said "here" The Show Goes On. " Lupe Fiasco's song is to sample the song "Float On" Modest House group released in 2004. Kane Beatz, the producer, took over the guitar riff of the American band Modest House as inspiration for the intro of a hit "The show goes on." Lupe Fiasco was in good company for this single, just like her album, too, for Kane Beatz is particularly the composer of "Bottoms Up", a hit from Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj.

He is also the producer of the second single "The Evening New" and four other songs from the latest album from Chamillionaire "Ultimate Victory" released in 2007. For the launch of his new album "lasers" Lupe Fiasco has voluntarily stand out with an operation of "Street Marketing" and a giant QR code projected on the walls of major U.S.

cities. One way to raise awareness of his new musical project in the midst of many outings hip-hop and r'n'b March. This represents a new milestone looming in the career of Lupe Fiasco. Originally from Chicago, the son of a musician, Lupe Fiasco immersed in music since childhood and it was the age of 17, after several years of progress, he decided to devote himself seriously to hip-hop.

He then joined the group Da Pak, signed on label Epic Records, part of Sony Music. After a first single, the band split and Lupe Fiasco continues his solo journey. Then aged 22, he was signed to Arista Records while beginning to show his talent as a composer. After a first single, "Pop Pop", the machine is successfully launched, and 2005 marks the revelation of Lupe Fiasco to the public when making a contribution on the song "Touch the Sky" by Kanye West.

In 2006, he released his debut album "Food and Liquor," followed by "The Cool" in 2007. The media give him lots of attention quickly because of its image slightly offset from the standard hip-hop, and his collaborations with greats: Jay Z, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. With the latter two he created a group called Hip Hop CRS (Child Rebel Sodlier), who produced two singles "U S Placers "in 2007 and" Do not Stop "in 2010.

Then, Lupe Fiasco participate in the song "Everyone Nose" with NE DR Extensive experience in hip-hop, Lupe Fiasco did not disappoint listening to his first two singles, "Words I Never Said" and "The Show Goes On." The show should go on and on for the talented Lupe Fiasco whose album "lasers" is expected in March 2011.

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