Thursday, February 24, 2011

Linkin Park video for 'Burning In The Skies': Another little gem created by Hahn

Linkin Park threw a órdago in his latest work. A Thousand Suns needed at the time of caution in the approach and patience to learn to enjoy the myriad of details that Dad underlie most of the songs that make up the tracklist. If we can put aside any preconceived idea and prepare to enjoy quiet time and, from the album, you can find little gems much more appealing than his previous work.

Their second single, 'Waiting For The End', greatly improved with proposal they had made at first with 'The Catalyst', and in this line seem to want to continue with the umpire, 'Burning In The Skies'. With these two sections seem to still want to go for the more experimental side of the disc and away from other issues that would be great singles, like 'Blackout', reminiscent more of their time in advance.

On 21 March will be the date it is made official launch, but we have video that will accompany you on your promotion. Directed by Joe Hahn, DJ of Linkin Park itself, as was already done with previous single clip, we find a story in slow motion, where the textures are perceived uses millimeter and where once again it seems that populate microconstelación last shots of the video, where the story falls apart in the middle of catharsis.

Thanks to Everlost by the breath.

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