Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga: The video for "Born This Way" has arrived!

After some last-minute tweaks this weekend, Lady Gaga finally unveils the video for the hit "Born This Way." First single from his new album due in May 2011, all the "Baby Monsters" may finally see the latest absurdities of the inescapable pop superstar of the 2000s. With its amazing atmosphere, decor and costumes, the new video from Lady Gaga is the height of the song "Born This Way." A new ball of energy that will quickly attract the curiosity of millions of Internet users in the coming hours.

Lady Gaga is still the center of many discussions and comments with the video for the song "Born This Way." No. 1 in 14 countries, "Born This Way" is already a success for Lady Gaga completes a round into a single master. Powered on the Internet, the song of Lady Gaga has toured the world in minutes.

After we have unveiled this new clip for the song "Born This Way" Lady Gaga is shortly to unveil new things crispy on his new album. It will be difficult for "Monster Mama" to wait a little over 2 and a half months his "Baby Monsters" without presenting a new song. Fans of Lady Gaga also hope soon discover new remix of the hit "Born This Way."

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