Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joaquín Sabina will debut a concert tour of U.S.

- Joaquin Sabina is presented for the first time in a concert tour in the U.S. in May, his publicists said Thursday. The Spanish singer will offer three concerts as part of a tour that began more than a year and that has led more than 100 presentations to Spain and Latin America. The first concert of the tour "The penultimate train of the United States will be in New York on 25 May.

Then you will be in Miami on May 27 and two days later in Los Angeles. Sabina comes to America with more than three-decade career and 15 albums, to play classics like "And they gave us the ten" and "Black Sox" and songs from her latest album, "Vinegar and roses," said advertisers in a press release.

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