Monday, February 28, 2011

Jessie J: "Who You Are" a promising debut

Widely honored for her first single "Do It Like A Dude" sold over 300,000 copies in Britain, and have emerged as a complete artist with the song "Price Tag" a duet with B. o. B, we finally get the album "Who You Are" by Jessie J. Previously announced by the end of March 2011, the album's release has finally been found more than a month.

A good idea of the record company because there was no reason to deprive ourselves of new songs from Jessie J, if everything was ready. And here's the result! Jessie J gives us 13 songs on a debut solo album enchanting. We find obviously, the two initial success of this beautiful brunette in temperament and said 11 new songs.

Of these, two excerpts ahead as future singles "Casualty of Love" and "Nobody's Perfect." For the production of this album, Jessie J is surrounded by a strong team composed of members who are very different. Thus, we find Dr. Luke. The producer is currently finalizing the seventh album by Britney Spears was involved in the creation of the hit "Price Tag" Jessie J and B.

o. B and the creation of the song "Abracadabra". The album "Who You Are" also welcomes the talented producer Toby Gad on 2 songs, "LOV E" and "Who You Are". Of German origin, Toby Gad is the creator of the hit "Big Girls Do not Cry" for Fergie from the album "Back To Life" by Sandra in 2009, and many songs for Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke, or Pixie Lott.

Martin K, Oak, and James Parker, The Invisible Men are also found in the production of this excellent British pop album. Jessie J once again demonstrates the entire range of his talent both in the creative process in the interpretation. "Who You Are" is a promising debut album is now available on digital platforms.

Here is the tracklisting of the album "Who You Are" Jessie J 01 - "Price Tag" (feat. B. o. B) 02 - Nobody's Perfect "03 -" Abracadabra "04 -" Big White Room "05 - "Casualty of Love" 06 - "Rainbow" 07 - "Who's Laughing Now" 08 - "Do It Like a Dude" 09 - "Mamma Knows Best" 10 - "LOVE" 11 - "Stand Up" 12 - "I Need This "13 -" Who You Are "

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