Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Human League: "Credo" the return of his "Brit-Pop 80"

New Romantic pop from the '80s are back! After the new album from OM D is the turn of the English group The Human League return with a new album, entitled "Credo," after more than nine years without proposing a new disk. The Human League is one of the greatest pop groups "new wave" 80s. The Human League, is primarily a trio with Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Anne Gayle, the English group has met with huge success in the charts of the 80's.

The Human League gave us the hits "Do not you want me" number 1 in many countries, "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" or the sublime title of "Human". The Human League puts an end to the silence in 2011 with a new and ninth studio album entitled "Credo." Nine years after the album "Secrets", the group Human League release March 21, 2011 an album with new sounds and always the same fluorescent pop spirit.

To give us a small foretaste of their album "Credo", The Human League were chosen as first single in Europe, the song "Never Let Me Go, by listening to our programs. Our British friends have already found a first single, the title "Night People" presented in November 2010. In addition to the release of their new album "Credo", the cult band, The Human League will propose soon discover their 11 new songs during a concert at the Trianon in Paris 15 April 2011.

Here is the tracklisting of the album "Credo" The Human Group Leader: 01 - "Never Let Me Go" 02 - "Night People" 03 - "Sky" 04 - "Into the Night" 05 - "egomaniac" 06 - " Single Minded "07 -" Electric Shock "08 -" Get Together "09 -" Privilege "10 -" Breaking the Chains "11 -" When The Stars Start to Shine

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