Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grupo Aventura again in 2013, to avoid demand, with new album and tour

Viña del Mar (Chile), February 22 .- The bachata group Aventura is dismissed these days of the stage to take a break and dive into personal projects, but vows to return in 2013 with new album and tour, which are insured through a "legal agreement" with his label. Anthony Romeo Santos, lead singer of this quartet born in the New York borough of the Bronx, but of Dominican origin, sealed his commitment to the press conference prior to his performance on Tuesday at the Festival of Viña del Mar.

After his first appearance in the 52 edition of this event, the performers of "Obsession" to be reunited again on the 24th with his supporters in the Chilean capital, where he first performed in May 2010 with full house. This concert will mark the end of his tour "The Last", with which since 2009 have walked across the continent with their self-titled album, but also mark a turning point in the career of the band, which took two years to grow their personal ambitions.

Romeo announced today that it will prepare a production with 60% of bachata and 40% of "experiments a little more urban," while Henry launched in the coming months the first single from his album, which will be true of bachata, but try to "add something more." In short, says Romeo, the group intends to introduce "new elements and refreshing rhythms" on their way following the path of Fergy, who opened a successful path parallel to his career with the Black Eyed Peas.

But however successful it may be their personal careers, the return of Aventura is secured through a contract with his label, Premium Latin Music. If they do not, they claim. "Therefore we must return," says Romeo. This delay comes after fifteen years of musical career, which led them to win in 2010, five Lo Nuestro Awards, widely known in Latin America, and sing a year earlier at the White House during America's celebration of July 5.

Aventura bachata ventured into the streets of the Bronx since before they even know that gender had a very bad reputation in the Dominican Republic several years ago. " "We did not know the history of bachata. It was music of vulgarity, bad life, "said Romeo. However, the singer does not think the rise of this genre can topple the reggaeton.

"I do not think any kind can overshadow other gender. Yes, the bachata is a good time, but reggaeton is still very much alive. Reggaeton not have to worry about bachata, "he says with a smile. The group will share the bill with Chile's Americo on the second day of the Festival de Viña, to be held from 21 to 26 February in this coastal city, about 125 kilometers northwest of Santiago.

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