Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Fresh & onlys leave no respite announce Secret Walls and Tim Cohen published a phenomenal double

The Fresh & onlys will not let go 2011, but does almost nothing from his latest album, Play It Strange, who in Hypersonic placed in position 16 of the best international albums of 2010, as have a handful of songs ready to serve as below, this time in short format. The Fresh & onlys - Do You Believe In Destiny by The Fresh & onlys forcefieldpr insist on their prototypical sound, perhaps cleaning up something that they left feeling unwelcome environments Play It Strange and backing a California breeze with fewer edges.

Not just the group. Tim Cohen, band leader, has just launched almost simultaneously a long drive, Magic Trick, and EP, Bad Blood, which emphasize that feeling. Solo, Cohen seeks more pop eternity in the group where psychedelia have much to say. The Cohen leaves Magic Trick see, for example, is given more presence on vocals and many of his compositions are matched with those Girls CLub heartthrob of Broken Dreams EP.

People to take into account whether or not within the mechanisms of the hype. Tim Cohen - Do not Give Up by malddim course, if the songs 'Waterfall', his last album, I was hooked as we, in Bad Blood Magic Trick as you will find every reason to renew your faith: naughty 'I Am Never Going To Die', the galloping 'Doctor, Doctor', the sublime "Do not Give Up ', the very short and funny" Hey Little One', the beautiful 'Purpose in Life' ...

Tim Cohen likes the timing of the music industry today, and it is rare to see someone with talent use it rapidly. In the sixties this is also the leader of the Fresh & onlys: looking at the time that in a year were issued four albums and did not seem exaggerated.

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