Monday, February 28, 2011

Freedom Call in the Sala Acapulco (Gijón, 02/24/2011): essential melodic metal

It seemed almost impossible that it had been almost ten years since the first and last visit to Asturias Freedom Call. Specifically, the Germans acted in Room Quattro Aviles on 2 June 2002 as guest band Blind Guardian, who, incidentally, left up to the bitumen, and I'm not exaggerating. And on Thursday we had in Gijón ten years old but showing a quality beyond all doubt.

The quartet suffered early last year downward Daniel Zimmermann, Chris Bay founder of the group, who wanted to devote all his time to Gamma Ray, but that has not been an obstacle for the band is gelling a very remarkable criticism of the tour Legend Of The Shadowking. Chris Bay, rhythm guitar and singer, leading a band has more than fifty percent of earned credibility, and the rest of the components, and Samy Rettkowitz Lars Saeman, the chorus is well done, plus the latest addition, drummer Klaus Sperling, former Primal Fear also plays a crucial role in the smooth sound of the band is renowned live show.

And is that the Board of Gijón Acapulco is not very easy to install sound, but that night they had an ally Freedom Call a local sound engineer, Ian Alvarez, heavy musician who knew how to get the best of the PA. As curious enough to say that was the first time it sounded a double bass in the room.

Bay, a real snake charmer, a stage magician, he was very comfortable throughout the performance, sharing winks to the audience, that unfortunately was too low given the level of the band. For the Germans did not care. Offered a high level performance full of great moments, not one iota off the bar, or reserved for your appointment at the royal capital the next day, where they played at Ritmo y Compas, I hope that there were at the same height in Gijón.

Freedom Call us from the first minute gave one hundred percent of his art. They brought an album that touches and start thinking of giving him a substitute, but the issues of Legend Of The Shadowking were the theme of a huge repertoire. Generous no power, the quartet took the concert to 105 minutes in which to his classic 'We Are One' brought the entire audience to their feet.

That start was a tonic so powerful essential for those who were there, most with well-learned last album, singing the lyrics to his most recent and 'Thunder God', 'Tears Of Babylon', the exceptional 'Out Of The Ruins 'or' Merlin - Legend Of The Past '. But there were classics as 'Hunting High, Low Hunting', half pinion, 'Metal Invasion', 'The Quest', 'Warriors' or 'Land Of The Light', and in the encore that 'Freedom Call' in which they left that this fourth German is one of the essential international melodic power metal.

They deserve an A, no doubt.

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