Friday, February 25, 2011

Fon Román - Interlinings: the paradigm of smart pop

After the separation of Pirates, Iván Ferreiro dragged many of the fans of the group and has built a successful solo career, but certainly the most interesting that has emerged from the ashes of the group is that of Fon Román. With its debut in 2006, Silent comfortable in a neglected garden, showed his taste for organic pop fireworks away from unnecessary for what I needed the song was a sound proposal and that his musical the channel to know the outcome is but charged nuances.

For in this Interlinings, improves performance by offering a more polished songs are even more hypnotic, magnetic, and attractive. It seems that this time the melancholy has less weight (but when using it, still shaking with wonderful pieces such as the poignant 'Kites static') and raw brightness and optimism, but also suggests the management of anxiety and claustrophobia (fantastic 'My movimientos'o' The morbid ') personal relationships, whether with anger (' to break '), softness and naturalness (' is like '), or facing the fear of loneliness (' Lives without relief 'or' broken glass').

All this, with lyrics that seem hand-embroidered, flowing with ease but retain a traditional character. Fon Román - My movimientosFon Roman | Myspace Music Video You could say that this album breathes an atmosphere among the first Maga, the more content Sufjan Stevens (as in 'Futile Devices'), the more melodic and Jónsi Verve of great ballads .

Relax as if it had played Death Cab For Cutie, The Bends interpreted as an acoustic. All this, with a final production and art design that reflects the essence of the album: The ability to assimilate contemporary trends (both musical and graphic design) to enrich a mainly acoustic pop, like a sophisticated reverse of the first stage The New Raemon (his new album will drop by here in a few days).

Perhaps somewhat slow speech intimate record two songs, "What overwhelmed me 'and' Through the eyes of another ', but the rest of the record confirms that this is one of pop's most talented writers in this country. Hopefully, for then not have to wait another 5 years.

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