Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faulty equipment, the new Extreme album, due out in mid-May

For me the new album by Extreme is the most anticipated of 2011, at least in the national section. Extremadura group was announced on the official website of the group will be called defective material will be published in mid May. I think if it's half as good as I settle innate law. In October last year and hung Extremoduro a message on his website as saying that he was terminated but would not leave in November because they were going to take more time in polishing every detail and mix the disc with easy.

" Nor have they fulfilled their promise to be ready in early 2011, but finally there is a deadline may have set his record company. This is the band's official statement of Robe Iniesta: What I have wanted to hear something of defective Material Iñaki 'Uoho' Anton said recently in an interview to be the fan page on Facebook Extremoduro, which already had 218,400 friends when writing this post, is hot.

The news of the disc coming out like I had generated 4,828 comments and 441. Is defective material or not most anticipated album of the year? I fear it will be selling like his previous album, which incidentally, also had 6 songs, and his road show will raise huge sums. Fito What tremble!

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