Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everyone wants to give away their music

Going to start writing an informative article on the EP standard that Interpol has decided to offer on his tour, including their own songs and the group that accompany them (you can find it here), but I've realized that the thing has something over substance. And it is no more than take a look at the past weeks to see how many similar movements that have occurred.

The case of the singles tend to be the same, because rare is the group that did not allow us to download your MP3 simple change made to our email address, or clicking on the button for the promotion of social networks. At the time of all free, which seeks to build barriers around their product is only exposed to be isolated from the world.

And there can be nothing worse for an artist to be isolated. For full albums this policy may not have finished materialize, at least for now. Radiohead let us pay what we wanted for In Rainbows (were not the first to do this, but the most famous), but apparently were not convinced with the motion and The King of Limbs were limited to dial a fixed price.

However there are other labels, in this case all independent, clinging to the philosophy of offering free work of its artists. To cite a case from within our borders through which Music Aloud has no qualms in leaving open discharge all his catalog albums have managed to discover such interesting proposals such as the athlete, after I have not hesitated to buy and I'll go see live if you go through my land.

And so there are examples around the world. When people with talent and nothing to lose are willing to share their work without asking anything in return, those who intend to charge for the same are forced to yield. So we get to this situation, in which the musicians seem to stick and not sell their music, but because regalárnosla.

Because ultimately what matters first is to be heard, and everything else (sales, concerts, merchandising) come from there. In the Internet age, which is isolated himself is doomed to go unnoticed.

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