Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Duffy could leave the music after the failure of Endlessly

Duffy has not signed one of the worst jobs of the past 2010 or from afar. Endlessly, that difficult second album after the sound of his appearance on the European music scene essentially had the task, as in many other cases, to confirm it as pointing to either be ruthlessly cast him down headlong into the limbo of which might be and were not.

Sales, unfortunately, have not been as expected and the bump must have been considerable size for the artist, since according to some sources suggest, Duffy may be considering leaving the music, if not definitively, at least temporarily. Luckily for your wallet, its debut did get a good recovery, which would allow some stability in the face to take time away from recording studios.

These are the words of a friend of the singer, saying the reasons are, for now, making its value the British away from possible future scenarios. Endlessly is not a singles album, without being tedious it is difficult to highlight one or two songs that could act as a decoy, something that if it works like a charm with Rockferry.

But if you prefer to throw in the towel Duffy, instead of overcoming a bad album as many have done and will continue, although the defining second, possibly because what we saw on his first album was the biggest layoff of all I have to offer this time. There are artists who take considerable periods of time between work, looking for a composition and an honest dedication show through in an outcome, but perhaps in this case the external pressures and the need to confirm you have been rushing to it seems we're about to behold.

A real shame, but honestly, if confirmed these notes by the singer, leaving a greater Adele market, which today consumes the blonde Welsh, speedily.

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