Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dr. Dre feat. Eminem's video for 'I Need A Doctor': taking stock of the past

Dr. Dre has taken twelve years to re-release a solo album from 2001 that he was born in 1999. During all this time has not been standing idly by, but instead of continuing with the composition of Detox, which already by 2004 would be his next album, decided to shelve his own solo career to focus on production other artists.

However, working in parallel to his work as producer for all these years, and in 2008 announced that the album was almost complete and only need to select the songs you compose your tracklist. Probably remain more of task, which explains why until last year was not officially the end of the disc and the fact that this is the last work of Dr.

Dre and rapper alone. Detox and we heard two singles, 'Kush' and the 'I Need A Doctor', we saw live at the Grammys this year. In the video Dr. Dre has recorded the second single to promote what we think about images from his past while a fantastic Skylar Grey-style fleet of 300 and Eminem oracle to harangue him resurrected again and again.

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