Friday, February 25, 2011

Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey: "I Need A Doctor" music video sublime

A sensational debut, is the first observation that can be done on the long awaited video clip of the new hit of Dr. Dre. "I Need A Doctor" with Eminem and Skylar Grey. Not surprisingly, Dr. Dre did not do things by halves to the clip of the first official single from the album "Detox," coming this spring 2011.

The production is at the rendezvous, the video clip of the song "I Need A Doctor" presents itself as a superb short film of just over 7 minutes to see for free on the web. With a long introduction ponctuated flashback about the life of Dr. Dre from his youth to his present life, through his meetings with his friends Snoop Dogg, 2 Pac and Eminem, of course, this openness is a good third of the video clip ends in triumph before giving way to "flow" of Eminem and seizing the sublime voice of Skylar Grey.

Very poignant video clip of this new song is really Dr. Dre production of Alex Da Kid in value. Found throughout the deep and turbulent atmosphere of the single projected image. A great success for Dr. Dre, who has entrusted the implementation of the Hughes Brothers music video, which are wonderfully illustrated already cinema in 2001 with the film "From Hell", for example.

Unveiled February 25, the clip "I Need A Doctor" has spread rapidly on the web. Within hours, more than 400,000 viewings of Internet users has received this new video of Dr. Dre. The clip has also received over 11,000 comments and prompted more than 65,000 Internet users to share "I Need A Doctor" with their friends on social networks.

A great performance that ranks this clip as the undisputed number 1 this weekend.

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