Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deicide - To Hell With God: his best album in a decade

Deicide have done a good album since In Torment In Hell and that a decade ago, and not those who came after it were great records but failed to live up to expectations. Glen Benton returns to the fray with that brutal death metal that tastes like so much daring, now with a remarkable job without leaving the bitumen at the material level of the speaker in the previous paragraph.

Vale's ten studio albums and the old school death metal is hardly more than the name but in To Hell With God made it. And I think the reason that Deicide back on track, is that besides being Benton Jack Owen of Cannibal Corpse guitarist, and Ralph Santolla legendary guitarist who has been through top-level bands like Death, Obituary or Iced Earth, who has returned to within the band.

To Hell With God is the band's debut on Century Media, an almost infallible mark as to choose the names you want to have in your roster. Deicide following the start of the second decade of the twenty-first century just as blasphemous and anti-Christian as they began, not in vain his brutal death metal has its reason for being in this field.

The tandem founder, Glen Benton and Steve Asheim, shared efforts in production with Mark Lewis (Devildriver, Chimaira, The Black Dahlia Murder), to check the To Hell with God, which in essence is the essence of Deicide. Nothing new under the sun here. The satanic hosts Tampa, who told us that of 'Fuck Your God', 'Kill The Christian "or" Beneath The Prophet' now destroy our eardrums with brawls as Witness Of Death, Blasphemy or Hang Empowered By Agony Until You're In Dead.

The title track to the album, 'To Hell With God' (YouTube) is a kind of self that no death group most brutal Deicide. Start and can have two results in the listener, or is saturated by the end or are waiting to see what levels of barbarity arrive in the almost 36 minutes. 'Save Your' is a real display of the two guitarists: Owen and Santolla ally with Benton, whose voice seems to be the envoy of the Evil One, to offer a piece of old school to break several vertebrae shaking his head up and down.

After 'Witness Of Death' comes without the vertigo before and with a voice more hardcore, deathcore forgiveness. 'Conviction' shows more orthodox riffs and a voice in the death of old, but the combination of rhythm section, guitars and guttural part Deicide is one hundred percent. 'Empowered By Blasphemy' is perhaps the most grind the disc and for me the least interesting of the ten songs.

'Angels Of Hell' has a more normal, more traditional, a stunning lead-off single, Glen Benton entering tremendously riffs kill and murderers. 'Hang You're In Agony Until Death' (YouTube) lives up to its title, listen as if you nailed a hook in the stomach and the intestines begin to exit.

Are not half black metallers riff? 'Servant The Enemy' is a new twist of style. Deicide return to deathcore but there's more confusion than clarity, ah, and the disc becomes increasingly dark. 'You Go Into The Darkness' is another savage house mark based on a rhythm section of the vault and a double bass riffs rather archaic, and one amazing at the end of the topic.

And we end with 'How Can You Call Yourself a God' (YouTube), leaving untouched the major theme of the album, thunder, with only Glen Benton sharp and chest out.

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