Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Darren Hayman - January Songs: work ethic

Darren Hayman has made us live a January exciting than most. We believed capable of the best when he told us what it was January Songs: I was going to prepare a new song every day, with its corresponding video, we were able to hear from your Bandcamp. Although we have it in high esteem, I guess who else who least expected to fail someday, which let themselves be misled by the laziness or succumb to something that has always liked to sing: the attraction of things unfinished.

Initiative now converted into amazing artistic record, we got some interesting details that make it more fun. For example, for non British a Darren song ever worth the same as the previous day. The price of the pound against the euro the more expensive or cheaper a night the next morning, so you could buy the January 5 for a price and the sixth day I went out a few cents more expensive.

It is truism, of course, but also amazing experience shock "sentimental pop-ups and downs of the market", check how much is the change while Darren accompany singing about dead technology, the equipment damaged and hips plump girl you just left. In essence, the experience is as example January Songs of pop (like the economy, as the connection to the listener) and the 60 songs that came out of the factories and producers dedicated to creating massive hits: the Brill Building, the study of Spector , Holland-Dozier-Holland ...

There are many reasons to believe blindly in Darren Hayman. I will see that the guy is incapable of doing bad songs, because we talk about here is not sanctify anyone. If you think that someone can make a song a day and leave no taste to repeat itself, to have heard before, "here is not what you've worked with," get off of your cloud.

The unreal life is imperfect, there are no geniuses in the way the media have told us a long time. January irregular Songs is an album full of ups and downs, with great songs, continuously, some to the brink of boredom and other passable. Can a concept be better than a result? You can, yes, but in this case is unfair to stay with the former.

Songs January, as hard regardless of how conceived, is a more remarkable record for Darren Hayman, which accumulates memorable song after memorable song without that we almost have not noticed. The cuckolding with any appears again is something very simple but also quite unfair to the faithful not without passion with which he rewards us as a composer.

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