Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance music LXXXIV

Friday ... dance music ... a combination inseparable for many, many of you read this and so many of those who do not read. And if something is coupled to the weekend party, and of course, the clubs. And every Friday, here I am again to give you the weekly summary of current electronics, so we go with what has given it the week.

We started laying off February with Beth Ditto video has gigs which is possibly the most danceable of the 4 topics included in its ep De-Construction: I Wrote The Book. A tribute to Madonna and Justify My Love but Ditto version with sound and Simian Mobile Disco. Is it better to start the weekend? And today we continue with the hottest, because Noctamina, although we are not as rock, we know that the most important in music, was the world premiere of The King Of Limbs of Radiohead, so our way of thanking Thom Yorke and his artist is dedicating our versions and remixes of the week, Reckoner, from their previous album, In Rainbows, (it is too early to have this new album remixes) by choosing the wonderful work that our DJ and domestic producer Wally Lopez was on him.

Sure you love over here too. And another news last week was the video that Cut Copy chose to begin promoting his recent Zonoscope. For this occasion, as the first single released this Need You Now, that sounds retro, people like OMD, and whose images have inspired sport that we know very well are coming but the world of good.

And for those that you take some time to ask you which walk Roisin Murphy stuck lately, which takes a while disappeared, here is their latest collaboration to date, in Boadicea, a song from Dutch dj / producer Mason throwing They Are Among Us, their debut LP, next month. If the other topics (electrofunk and electrohouse with a load of pop for the most part) are on this line, I am convinced it will be a great album.

In a completely different style to The Presets have an Australian band that had Manolo Carvajalnos all that we knew (which were many) but of which more than one around here already know something. Synth pop's good and stylish, highly recommended to leave other more electronic styles beaten today.

And changing the third completely Sak also talked about Noel and his song and video, Crazy People. DJ and entertainment entrepreneur Catalan this topic has brought more grief than glory, but thanks to video, home like few others, and noise internuatico, is getting people talking about him and the theme is heard on the radio.

Not that this is a masterpiece, but it sure makes this summer in August. But, speaking of music scurfy, we could talk Ke $ ha here, right? Now the girl has got a few producers will remix some songs of Animal and Cannibal and the result will be heard under the short title of I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance: The Remix Album.

You are already willing to listen, right? Moreover, as already proposed some time ago, Armin van Buuren is about to celebrate the 500th edition of his radio show State Of Trance, with 5 parties which begin March 19. Well, to support such a conclusion, this year has returned to earlier publication of his double annual compilation of the same name, so I can enjoy from a day earlier from 18, and we are so pleased, of course.

All that sounds like summer even if a few months before, welcome. And see what you think the technique used by Kevin Saunderson to fight against those who use their work without permission. Supernova, an Italian DJ duo have used a sampler of Detroit's classic, The Sound to create a "new theme" Beat Me Back, which happens to be a clear case of plagiarism.

But Saunderson, without thinking twice decided that the issue of Supernova is basically theirs, so it is up to the network as we have launched the Italians changed the name of the performer and has made available anyone who wants it through Soundcloud. And you see that this man says no nonsense, here you have the original and the "work" Supernova.

And we now have a news round in the musical but less music itself. For example, say that this week we discovered that dubstepRusko DJ and producer has had to cancel his European tour due to a herniated disc that has suffered during his tour of Australia. By the time his performances in the UK are canceled and do not know whether it will fall some more.

And following in the world of dubstep, the Magnetic Man surprised by his statement of intent: they want to buy a small British soccer club, the Farleigh Rovers to the Premier is, of course, but that is precisely where they would like to place soon, helping as not its music, to encourage players.

I told you that just the thing. And we in Britain, where, particularly in Leeds, has been closed, at least for now one of the clubs that Gatecrasher has in that country. This time has been due to problems of violence, having a recently stabbed, so that the council of that city has revoked the license of the club, and he has objected to at the moment.

Another story that I still can not tell the end. And now, back to our territory, but the island, Ibiza specifically tell already announced some names for the Space Ibiza Opening Party to be held on 29 May. By now you can already count on Carl Cox and John Digweed, and with the British DJ and producer Yousef.

AND Tickets for the early birds are already on sale. And in our regular sections on the one hand, for the session of the week, chose one of Detroit techno masters such as Carl Craig. A delicious way to dismiss the Noctamina weekend, here you can serve to open it, is good for both. The cocktail this week came with flavored vodka, thanks to the screwdriver.

Another such combination of easy preparation but in the right time can make us spend a great desktop or a perfect evening in the company. But it is the only drink we talked, as Coca-Cola and Daft Punknos surprised yesterday with this special edition of soda, Coke Daft, inspired by the helmets of the French and will be accompanied by new song and video.

And the controversy of the week wondering if the artists were serving spinning their way to other more business are really mercenaries or music are like any of us, that at certain moments of our lives, our tastes evolve into different things. Do not know what you think about it, but the discussion has been Noctamina on.

And now, if we said goodbye but since leaving the hit of the week directly extracted from our At last it's Friday, which I remember is there already, waiting to lend a hand to plan the weekend. Enjoy it, whether normal duration is as if you are in Andalusia and you have "minibridge."

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