Saturday, February 26, 2011

Csar 2011: the movie "Gainsbourg Hroque Life" honor

Dominated by the films "Men and Gods," Cesar for best film, "The Ghost Writer" by Roman Polanski, and "Gainsbourg, Heroic Life" by Joann Sfar, the 36th French César Awards, chaired by actress Jodie Foster, have been marked this year by the inherent presence of Serge Gainsbourg in the charts. "The man at the head of cabbage whose life inspired the creation of the film" Gainsbourg, Heroic Life 'still has marked himself French artistic life.

The film "Gainsbourg, Heroic Life" was particularly honored during the 36th film festival, winning three cuts this Friday evening at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. Embodying the character of Serge Gainsbourg on the screen, Eric Elmosnino, stage actor, as he liked to point out, won the Cesar for Best Actor at Lambert Wilson, appointed in the same category for its participation in the film " Of Men and Gods.

" Other exceptional distinction, the author of BD converted to the realization, Joann Sfar received the César for Best First Film "Gainsbourg, Heroic Life" which opens the doors on a new and successful career in French cinema. Also in music, Cesar for best musical went to Alexandre Desplat for his work on the soundtrack of the movie "The Ghost Writer" by Roman Polanski, a movie coming out elsewhere also won this event with Cesar Best Director and Best Adapted.

The 36th ceremony was also a smell of rock'n'roll with the giving of honor to Caesar American director Quentin Tarantino, whose films are in the top of the music of the film's most memorable in the history of cinema.

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