Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chris Brown: "FAME" new album 2011

Chris Brown has unveiled the tracklisting and artwork of his new album "FAM E" (Fans Are My Everything), due out March 18 next. Barely two years after the album "Graffiti," and some problems of the heart, the rapper is preparing to return proudly with this fourth album "FAM E". Probably pressed for its return, the Virginia rapper Chris Brown has already made three singles from her new album "E FAM.

Two songs are now listening on the radio. The first, "Deuces", also available for download since last year, and the new hit from Chris Brown, "Yeah 3x", which promises to be one of the great success of early 2011. For writing his new album "FAM E 'Chris Brown has surrounded himself with the greatest participation including Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes or Ludacris.

These titles are available in the first edition that includes 13 titles. The album also some surprises in store for us that the song "Beautiful People" made with Italian DJ Benny Benassi. A second version of "luxury" of "FAM E" will be available with 4 bonus tracks. In this version, we note the participation of rapper The Game comes as reinforcements on the title "Love Them Girls", but also Wiz Khalifa, the author of the popular rapper missed "Black and Yellow".

Big Sean and Timbaland are also making their investments around the song "Paper, Scissors, Rock". "FAM E 'we reserve also unlikely duet with Justin Bieber. The album "E-FAM" is produced by, among others, Afrojack. Afrojack is a famous Dutch DJ and producer of electronic music, author of the dance hit "Take Over Control" in duet with Eva Simmons.

Not to mention, the remix of "Revolver" by Madonna, he also produced many remixes of hit songs such as "Hey Baby" with Pitbull and T-Pain, "Barbra Streisand" with Duck sauce or "The Time" with The Black Eyed Peas. Here is the tracklisting of the album "FAM E: 01 - Deuces (featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall) 02 - Up 2 You 03 - No Bullshit 04 - Look At Me Now (featuring Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes) 05 - She Ain ' t You 06 - Say It With Me 07 - Yeah 3x 08 - Next 2 You (featuring Justin Bieber) 09 - All Back 10 - Wet The Bed (featuring Ludacris) 11 - Oh My Love 12 - Should've Kissed You 13 - Beautiful People (featuring Benny Benassi) For the deluxe edition, add: 14 - Bomb (feat Wiz Khalifa-) 15 - Girls Love Them (featuring Game) 16 - Paper, Scissors, Rock (featuring Big Sean & Timbaland) 17 - Beg For It

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