Friday, February 25, 2011

Chayanne, Carlos Baute and Pitbull dress up the Festival of Viña del Mar (+ photos)

Viña del Mar (Chile), Feb 25 (EFE) .- Chayanne, Carlos Baute and Pitbull party dressed Thursday Festival Viña del Mar with an audience that sang and danced for more than five hours as if the arena had become a dance floor. The Puerto Rican was the king of the evening and also responsible for opening the fourth day of the festival with a compilation of past and present, as already announced, which alternated many romantic ballads with some dance songs.

To do so was given an auditorium, which awarded him the Golden Gull, an award is rarely granted and that this event has only won Aventura, who served on Tuesday with bachata rhythms. Already become a regular at the scene of the Quinta Vergara, which was presented for the sixth time, Chayanne dazzle again a predominantly female audience that brought together young and not so young, it shows a public that has matured with singer.

"Not every night can be with a room like this, who has seen me grow," said the artist to the deafening cries of his followers. "Tonight you ask, and I command you." And Chayanne is ready to please his public. The party started with some of the more rhythmic songs such as "Provoke me" or "Lola", which managed to put up the public from the first minute of the broadcast television, something no other artist had achieved in the three previous evenings this event.

At 42 years, the Puerto Rican still see an enviable physical condition allows it to maintain, at least for some time, its unique formula to sing and move like a whirlwind at the same time. Of course, no longer dances Chayanne much as before, and although there is still time to start using a cane in his choreography, as he joked to reporters, "the artist now favors ballads, which let you take a break from back return.

With "A Century Without You", "Hard love" or "waltz time", in which he danced with a girl of about eleven years, the singer handed dose of romanticism and was ecstatic with the warmth of an audience that raised the temperature of the cold night Viña del Mar. The most magical moments of the night came with "I would give anything," If we had little time "and" I fell, "sung almost as a duet with the public, before putting the flag party for" Torero ", interpreted with flamenco airs.

After an hour and a half concert, Chayanne stepped aside to make room for the Venezuelan Carlos Baute, which the organization included on the grid to take advantage of their assistance in this festival as a member of international jury. Although it is still little known in Chile, this artist, who has built his career in Spain, achieved with only five songs to gain the respect of the public in the Quinta Vergara, who can become a "monster" when something does not like.

With enthusiasm, the audience chanted along with Baute some of her best known as "Te regalo", "You do not know how much", "Who loves you like me" or the long-awaited "Hanging in your hands", which traded Baute a silver torch. Behind him came the turn of the Cuban-American Pitbull, who acted for the first time in Chile, where it is not known to the public.

With this presentation, many viewers began to face some of the songs that sound in the clubs of the country as "Parapapapa", "Tonights gonna be a good night" or "I know you want me", which earned him a torch Silver and Gold, but not a seagull. Dressed all in black and hidden behind sunglasses that are not removed at any time, cultivated an image Pitbull cold in their first encounter with the Chilean public, which nevertheless managed to put up a challenge no less when they were the 2 am.

Just over an hour later, the hosts opted to end the telecast and Pitbull closed its popular "Pam Pan" this first approach. He declined, as he did yesterday Calle 13 and continue with her show after the cameras turned off. To be the first time, he thought perhaps that enough was enough. By: Fuencis Rausell.

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