Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beth Ditto: solo for a new "EP" electro

Beth Ditto, singer of the group Gossip and exuberant new face of fashion's most hype fits a breakout solo. Beth Ditto will be the time for a new EP priestess of the world of electronic music. With her first solo single entitled "I Wrote the Book", the singer of Gossip unveils ambitious new project. Cettechanson is extracted from "The E.

P ", a maxi CD of Beth Ditto available starting March 7 in digital and physical release in March 14. For the launch of the "E. P, Dito Bth accompanies this new song from a video clip in which she makes a nice tribute to the singer Madonna by replaying the video of the smash hit "Justify My Love." After we have accustomed to energetic dance rock melodies with the band's latest album Gossip, Beth Dido continues the journey solo.

The diva takes us into a world literally dancing and listening to the resulting 4 tracks that make up the "E. P ". When the group released Gossip his first album in 2000, he was accompanied by a statement that sounded like already a declaration of intent "and not from the young people who do not dance." It is therefore not surprising that the first official solo project of the inimitable Beth Ditto, recorded in collaboration with the British duo Simian Mobile Disco, is tailored for the dancefloor.

Inspired by her heroines, the fabulous Grace Jones and Aaliyah, it's a hard pounding, catchy and who can boast four future electro anthems emotional. With the "E. P ", Beth Ditto is his roots in music underground. The singer combines her love for dance and electronica production from Simian Mobile Disco to create a raw disk, which will certainly electrifying one of the most notable outings of the year.

Tracklisting Beth Ditto "E. P: 01. Open Heart Surgery 02. Good Night Good Morning 03. Do You Need Someone 04. I Wrote the Book

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