Sunday, February 27, 2011

Avril Lavigne leaves his side rocker and his fear of singing what you think

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne pop-rock feel your fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby, is his most "personal" to date, as the artist naked emotionally to the point of being "vulnerable." The singer, 26, said this week in Paris than in other studies was concerned with the interpretation that others could make his lyrics but on this occasion was able to "clear the mind" that idea and write for his own person " really honest.

" "Someone once told me that I should not be afraid to expose feelings because that's when people respond" positively, said Lavigne, who visited the French capital to promote the release of the album, which will be released on 8 March. Goodbye Lullaby talks about how people in difficult circumstances and "overcome and grow," said the Canadian artist, who acknowledged having matured in the creation of his latest work.

"I have grown with each new album and every tour," said Lavigne, who set the objective of a record "with a different approach," and where it leaves more rock sound that characterized songs for acoustic guitar dominated , piano and string instruments. I wanted the voice was the main instrumentoLa personal stamp of the singer also gained strength in the project to write half a solo album and producing the first two songs, including Goodbye, which gives its name to the whole and is the song "more intense and real" in his career, he said.

The young man reached the summit of pop-rock music scene with the bestselling Complicated, Sk8er Boi and Girlfriend, return to the stage two years after their last project with fifteen songs, including Alice, which was composed for the film Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton. Lavigne's followers were able to enjoy New Year's Day an appetizer of the album is coming, with the simple interpretation of What the hell on the set of the popular television host Dick Clark American, and the subsequent free download of the theme that the artist offered for 48 hours over the Internet.

"What the hell is familiar, looks like my earlier work," admitted the singer, who put the song considered positive, the most rocking album in memory of their previous path. Other tracks on the album have a sound "raw and organic," said the girl, who showed his confidence that his fans will appreciate the evolution that has given the singer.

"I wanted the voice as the main instrument," said the singer, whose album opens with Black Star, the name of her first fragrance, which contains the song Darlin, written fifteen years, two before jumping to fame. Lavigne said the decision to give away the single What the hell through the iTunes download program can be considered a sort of compensation to his followers that "waited a long time" to the output of the fourth disc, and those who wished to express his "gratitude ".

In this sense, Lavigne had to deal with his label, RCA Records, which in turn delayed the launch of the project due to disagreements on the change of musical direction of Canada. Lavigne described as "frustrating" the delays in their work, which began over three years through Goodbye Lullaby from their previous album The Best Damn Thing, released in 2007.

"I had a vision for this album and that's what I've done," he added. The artist, who has developed in recent years the business side with the launch of two perfumes and their own clothing brand, also expressed its desire to accelerate the implementation of Avril Lavigne Foundation to help young people with disabilities .

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