Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Americo and Adventure Festival Viña become a dance floor (+ photos)

Viña del Mar (Chile), Feb 23 (EFE) .- The Chilean America and the Dominican-American Adventure on Tuesday became the auditorium of the Festival of Viña del Mar in a real dance floor with tropical rhythms stood a amphitheater full of youth. The second day of Chilean festival opened with the spectacular presentation of America, which last year's competition was dedicated as an idol in his country, and this time was, as promised, coolness and maturity gained in this year.

The artist, 32, was seen enjoying the scene of the Quinta Vergara, but could not validate the two won silver gulls on the previous occasion and that rarely are granted, and went home with two torches and a gull. His presentation, impeccable on the stage, ended with controversy when, in the press conference after the concert, the artist accused the presenter, Rafael Araneda, to get the stage before he could complete his performance before a crowd.

According to Americus, Araneda asked the hearing, as was shown live, which will help to appease the auditorium to make way for other artists. "They committed a total injustice," charged the artist, known for his humility and closeness. The singer left the stage when I had an hour and a half concert, which started with ease and fluency, wearing a black business suit and white shirt, and backed by more than a dozen musicians organized by a staircase.

"For Love and hatred, "" I forgot your love "and" Goodbye Love "opened the collection of an artist who knew how to handle the times and demonstrate fluency with simple but acclaimed choreographies that coated her show party. After a good round of tropical rhythms, America under the revolutions and uncovered the box of surprises, wrapped in a melodic version of its popular "Treasure" and a rendition of "Flower died," the Chilean Los Angeles Negros.

The artist, filled with flowers and praise, he also showed his skill at the controls of the drums, took to the stage a couple of children who moved the hip at a rapid pace and recalled the late Peruvian bolerista Lucho Barrios "Valparaíso mi amor" . In the stretch, Américo brought out their heavy artillery and finished the show with "Bewitched," "Te Vas" and "Hands up", their most danced, which left the audience with a smile on his face and he , wanting to keep singing.

The evening continued, with a performance by a local comedian and folk and international powers, which gave way to the last speech of the evening star, the Adventure, which was presented for the first time at this event, the most popular Latin America. Greeted with a deafening uproar, the quartet handed canned bachata lyrics that speak of love and hate, and "Contempt," "Danger" and "Your Poison", but also social issues, such as the careerism that deal in "Who I changed.

" The group, born in the streets of the Bronx, New York, but Dominican roots, girded himself strictly to the script, marking songs, jokes and somewhat theatrical numbers repeated in other actions, such as Romeo himself admitted that calls the shots. The singer showed off his voice and people skills to the beat of bachata, which makes dialing pace in a genre sometimes monotonous, but knows how to give your brand Aventura each subject with a long story told in each letter.

The quartet also delved into reggaetón with "Today is night of sex" and revolutionized the audience with "My heart", "The Wedding" and his popular "Obsession" which spread the craze among the 15,000 spectators at the Quinta Vergara. Aventura's formula has captivated the audience, who not only got the two torches and silver gull granted by popular demand, but also gold, a prize that is awarded only on very special occasions.

After this successful performance at Viña, the band will close on Thursday with a concert tour in Santiago "The Last", which also will begin a two-year break in which they intend to immerse themselves in personal projects. The show at the Festival of Viña del Mar, held between 21 and 26 February in the Chilean city, will continue today with performances by Marco Antonio Solis Mexican and Puerto Rican Calle 13.

by: Fuencis Rausell

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