Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Crush

"All Crush" is the title of the first two greatest hits Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi and Cesare Malfatti. Back exceptionally together for the Festival di Sanremo 2011, where he stood out with the song "I confess", the Crush were formed in Milan in 1993 and have held seven albums: six studio and one live.

Ota all this material in this spectacular collection that covers the best of their career. The artistic and Giovanardi Malfatti began in 1995 with the release of "Crush" album that just won several awards such as the Targa Tenco Prize and Ciampi. Two years later he released "Inside Me", which contains the song "Like Every Time", through which the band also won the radio success.

In 1999 the turn of "Behind the curve of the Heart", a work that marks the beginning of a series of collaboration between the Crush and colleagues, which will continue over the years as with Carmen Consoli, Cristina Don, Manuel Agnelli (Afterhours). In 2001 he released "Crossroads," along with covers of songs copyright, including those of Paolo Conte "Via Con Me," Giorgio Gaber "The Joy illogical" in duet with Samuele Bersani, Bruno Martino, Mogol Lucio Battisti " Thinking Of You ".

It 's definitely the album to the widest exposure Crus, make them known to an audience more numerous. The next step "Everything I see," published in 2003. Two years later saw the light "Infinite Possibility", a work that includes ten new songs. In 2008 the band released their first live album, "I do not think this Sera," recorded at the Teatro Novelli in Rimini, in July 2005.

The tracklist of the album are also three new songs including "Lie" and "The Autobiography of a spectator." With this record, the Crush have greeted their audience melts soon after.

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