Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Abd Al Malik: "My Love" duet with Wallen

Abd Al Malik won last week, the fourth victory of his young music career. Adb Al Malik won the victory of the urban music album of the year for his album "Red Castle" published in November 2010. For several weeks, we suggest you listen on the radio from his new album, the song "My Love" by Abd Al Malik with the participation of singer Wallen.

This is not the first time that Abd Al Malik is rewarded by members of the academy of music wins. He has already won the victory of the urban music album of the year in 2007 for his album "Gibraltar" and 2009 for the album "Dante." Abd Al Malik was also awarded the victory of the male artist of the year in 2008.

Abd Al Malik We therefore propose a new single from his album "Red Castle". "My Love" is the new song composed by his wife singer Wallen, one of the pleasures of musical time of Abd Al Malik. Like the album "Red Castle", the single "My Love" is a security light, up-tempo and often very funny.

"It's a little soundtrack of my pain," said Abd Al Malik. Throughout the creative process, his family and his entourage, in fact, been hit by a series of dramatic events. With his new album, "Red Castle", published on 1 November 2010, Abd Al Malik takes the back roads of rap and slam poetry, exploring its African roots and adding to its arsenal of new musical colors, pop, jazz, a little variety and even rock.

Without renouncing his baggage hip-hop, Abd Al Malik offers music that is both global and local, steeped in personal experience and universalism. It's this nice musical mix that the singer, Abd Al Malik will deliver soon in concert. The Congolese-born artist happen to begin Friday, March 11, 2011 at the EMB Sannois in the Val d'Oise.

Then he will present on stage throughout France. Abd Al Malik will also have a date in Paris May 21, 2011, under the Streets Festival Du Monde. Abd Al Malik invites his friends on stage, with probably some of those who have lent a hand on the album "Red Castle" Gonzales, his wife, Wallen, Ezra Koenig and many more!

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